Photojournalistic Style?

Almost every photographer you see these days claims a photojournalistic style to their work. Be it wedding or event photographers already in the business or amateurs trying to get their work out there. It makes perfect sense though, because this style of photography really is taking off, and has become hugely popular, especially when it comes to weddings it seems. But what does this actually mean?
Well a quick google search revealed that “photojournalists consider themselves to be photo story tellers”
and “Photojournalism seeks to capture raw emotion in an un-posed, natural setting,”
This really then should give an unbiased and accurate representation of the scene one is shooting?
But does this mean that a photographer with no ability to pose shots is then by default adopting a photojournalistic style by walking around snapping photos of subjects going about their activities at the event or function they are shooting?
I fully agree that this form of photography is extremely attractive because real emotion can not be posed, and emotion needs to be portrayed in photography. There is no sound and no motion in a picture. These elements need to be incorporated into a single shot to get the best understanding of what is actually going on. Photojournalism really means unposed to me, because the amount of emotion one conveys can never be portrayed through a posed photograph. One can get pretty close with the right model or subject, but in essence that would technically be called acting. So in order to get that raw unfiltered emotion into a moment on paper, that moment needs to be captured as it happens.
I am by no means saying that photographers that consider their style photojournalistic have no skill though! Don’t get me wrong! It takes a good deal of skill, timing, and patience to get the shot. And all photography “rules” regarding aesthetics must still be applied. One simply cannot walk around with a camera taking random shots of people laughing and call that photojournalism. It is more then just unposed.
Here are a few more shots from an event I was shooting. My aim was to capture mood and emotion, to shoot while no one was looking. I wanted to get that look you can only get when one is unaware they are getting their photos taken. Are they photojournalistic or merely unposed portraits? I am not sure. Is there a line between the two? Maybe there is but that line is slowly getting blurred and that’s a good thing in my eyes.







What are your views? Leave me a comment on what you think, either about my photos in this article, the article as a whole or what photojournalism/Photojournalistic style means to you!



Ok so on Sunday last week we finally had our first set of storms coming through. Now in KwaZulu-Natal here on the east coast of South Africa we are blessed with a nice warm sub-tropical climate. However this means summer months get plenty evening rain, and unfortunately, barely a drop in the winter months. That means that by now any surviving plant life is either sparse, dry, or burnt through wild fires..
So when the first storms come through I take notice.
Anyway who doesn’t love a good electrical storm?? Scary to some, but witnessing the awesome power and beauty of nature is a show definitely worth watching!
And the best part? This magical lightshow costs you absolutely nothing. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.
Unless of course you are a photographer! Then of course your standing outside with an umbrella hoping not to get electrocuted while you fiddle with settings, laughing at the countless shots of empty sky that you took!
Here are a couple shots from Sunday. I’ll upload a few more soon!


Shutter 6sec, F8, Iso 400, 18mm
6sec, F8, Iso 400, 18mm.


This is the kind of process I put my photos through. And some times I get confused.. I will edit a photo and when I’m done, I’m not sure which I prefer!IMG_6523© Ok so this is the original shot. Its a bit too dark and since it is shot in raw, I could have just brightened it up a bit. But I decided on a different route.IMG_6523e© So I totally changed the temperature, tints, etc and came up with this. Happy with it. The totally skew horizon has a nice appeal to it but what if it were straight? So I straightened it up a bit, a little crop and this is how it came out.IMG_6523ec©
Now I don’t know which edit I prefer!

Maternity Shoot – Bob and Tanya and ofcourse, Baby Riley!

Just thought id would post a couple photos from my last maternity shoot. Some of these are in my soon to be revised portfolio lol. I have a plan in mind for my new site. Keep you eyes peeled!
Anyway back to the maternity shoot, its actually quite tricky to do! Pregnant woman are generally quite unhappy with how they look and it can be quite a challenge getting them comfortable in front of the lense!
Here are a few of my favourites 🙂







IMG_6691e2© copy

I Love Durban

There are some pretty dodgy places in Durban, South Africa, but the same goes for any city in the world I think. Also I am not a city boy by any standard, the busy hustle and bustle is just to much for me. Traffic and me are not the best of friends so I often find myself way away from city centers, even though that is where some of the best street photography can be had! However a quick drive through the madness of taxies and people who seemingly do not notice cars or each other, takes you to Durban,s beachfront and its a must for any tourist visiting the city.IMG_5128e©

A Bit of HDR Shinanigans

Beach and forest photos are like the staple when it comes to HDR photography. Anyone who starts to dabble in HDR starts here first.
When most think of HDR a regurgitation of colour is usually the norm. Bright over edited colours meant to be artistic, and basically we have started to use HDR as a way of creating a surrealist painting with light. Not that that is a problem at all! I have seen some amazing creations! but I have also seen some really over done stuff too.IMG_4530_1_2_3_tonemapped
This photo is not to bad. HDR can make a boring shadowy photo, even if it is properly exposed, a lot more interesting. Here’s the original.IMG_4532
While we are creating all these pieces of art let us not forget though what HDR is, or was, about. Creating an image that has a higher dynamic range then the camera can capture so as to try and recreate what the eye has seen, not only the emotion the heart felt at the time of capture.
And as always,